The List Of Best Sodas On Earth Doesn’t Look Quite Like You’d Expect


The world has been eagerly awaiting this for generations. There’s is finally an official (seemingly unbiased) ranking of sodas and the results might surprise you. The top dog should be obvious, buts its longtime rival is strangely much lower on the list than expected. Bear in mind, this is as legit as possible. We didn’t poll a handful of people waiting for the subway. It’s from a poll that just closed on and over 185,000 people voted. It’s pretty hard to dispute these statistics.

It should come as a surprise to no one that Coca-Cola took the top spot. Everyone loves Coke. But, for decades we were lead to believe that there was a rivalry between Coke and Pepsi. If this poll is any indication, the war is pretty one-sided. Scrolling through the list, you won’t even come across Pepsi-Cola until the tenth spot down. That’s below Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew, and even Canada Dry Ginger Ale. The people have spoken.

Here’s a look at the top ten, starting with the tenth position and working our way to coveted top spot.

10.) Pepsi-Cola

We always just assumed that Pepsi was almost as popular as Coke, but according to this poll it’s not in the ballpark.

9.) Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Canada Dry makes a really good ginger ale. But, it’s still surprising that there are that many ginger ale fans out there.

8.) Coca-Cola Cherry

Damn, Cherry Coke beat regular Pepsi? That’s like when Pac had the youngest members of the Outlawz rap on Hit ’em Up — Coke’s b-team versus Pepsi’s main offering.

7.) Orange Crush

Every child of the 90s shared Keenan and Kel’s love of orange soda. It tastes like childhood.

6.) 7Up

When someone brings up soda rivalries, many people’s minds immediately head toward Coke and Pepsi. The rivalry between Sprite and 7Up is pretty good too.

5.) A & W Root Beer

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Root beer (along with sarsaparilla, birch beer, and cream soda) is one of the most old timey sodas available. Sipping it brings a drinkers back to simpler times. Plus, it’s just begging to used to make a root beer float.

4.) Mountain Dew

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Mountain Dew is a complete mystery to many people. What is it about this soda that makes it so popular? It tastes the way Palm Olive smells, but people who love it chug it all day and all night. Just like Charlie Kelly, it’s the wildcard on the list.

3.) Sprite

The winner of the lemon-lime soda war, Sprite is the go-to citrus beverage for most people.

2.) Dr. Pepper

Some day, Dr. Pepper will rise past Coca-Cola to atop the soda mountain where it belongs.

1.) Coca-Cola

The winner and still champion is…Coca-Cola. Waiting to find out that Coke holds the top spot is worse than sitting through a whole episode of The Walking Dead only to realize that literally nothing happened (speed up the plot, Kirkman).

Now, all we need is a poll to figure out which is the preferred term: soda or pop (or soda pop)? The people want to know!