A Visual Tour Of The World’s Best Street Art

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The best street art makes you pause. You’re walking down the street — a coffee in one hand, your cell in the other — and then BAM: you’re hit with an array of shapes and colors so attention-grabbing that all you can do is stop. And then take an Instagram picture. And then, after you’ve received your likes and responded to comments of “omg where is that?” you may even think of taking an art class or at least getting together with someone to discuss the deeper meaning of whatever it is that forced you to freeze-frame. (Sometimes, when I see this “Great Adventure” mural in SF, I think of how I should take risks more and change my life!)

No matter where you live, there’s bound to be great street art in your general metropolitan area. But sometimes the street art you know (and love and show off to all your friends when they visit) is not enough, and if the road is calling your name, here are some places you can visit this summer to see the best street art in the world.

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is home to some of the most beautiful and most colorful street art on earth. Not only is much of it permanent — the government’s “vibrancy” mandate allows for the art to be planned and curated — but it’s also diverse, including stenciling, yarn bombing, and paste ups. Visit during a festival to see art everywhere or stop by Rundle Street, Hindley Street, Ebenezer Place and under the Morphett Street Bridge to witness works by renowned local and international artists.

New gorgeous street art by @jackfran.art on @magillrd at @suenohair

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By @findac #findac . Adelaide #adelaidestreetart #streetartadelaide

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