These Are The 10 Best Tequilas, According To The Masses

Life Writer
05.12.17 6 Comments


Ah, tequila. We love tequila so much that 80 percent of all tequila exports arrive in the United States. The likelihood is, you’ve had a few shots in your day, followed by salt and a lime. If not, surely there’s been a margarita or two, chasing down a Mexican meal.

A bottle of the blue agave distillate from Jalisco Mexico is must in any home bar. But which bottle? There are hundreds of distilleries to choose from. So Ranker asked it’s users which tequila is the fairest of them all. And ten-thousand people voiced their opinion on the matter, leading to a list of ten bottles of tequila worth a try and maybe even worth some space in your home.

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