Cheech Marin Is Here To Give You A Gateway Guide To Mezcal


In this installment of our Gateway Drinks, we’re tackling the subtle, smoky wonder that is mezcal — a.k.a tequila’s grandfather. To do so, we got some help from film and stage legend Cheech Marin.

When Cheech Marin got into the alcohol game he wanted to do something special. He didn’t just want to peddle another wine or beer that wouldn’t mean anything to him culturally. Instead, he went for something that he could connect to on a deeper level: mezcal.

It wasn’t all about history for Cheech, though. He was also excited about mezcal’s taste. He wanted to surprise people with a liquor as smoky as his film resume. The result? Tres Papalote Mezcal — which is unusually smooth, especially for a spirit with 46% alcohol, but maintains mezcal’s trademark flavors.

“We’re in a changing time when it comes to flavor,” Marin told Uproxx. “We’re in a generation with both millennials and older people looking for big tastes — so I feel like it’s a wide open time for mezcal.”

We asked the film legend for help navigating this lesser known of the agave-based spirits.