The Best Travel Gadgets For Any Trip, From Another City To Across The World


Whether you’re taking a road trip to a city a few states away or getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime, technology is a handy sidekick that makes traveling easier. The right choice of gear — from your bag to your phone charger — can make the difference between a happy journey and a nightmare on the road.

We’ve picked out the top accessories and items based on how easy they are to use, how they meet the needs of everyone from the casual traveler to the experienced vagabond, and how they help resolve minor pain points for wanderlusters. These gadgets and crucial pieces of gear will make it easier to get on a plane, keep your stuff handy, and get a decent rest. They’ll also bail you out if you get lost or stranded or… need to make bail.

Whether your journey is as smooth as Bahamian sand or hits a little turbulence, here are the best travel gadgets for getting out there right now, in 2018 and beyond.

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