The Uproxx Gift Guide For Travelers and Adventurers — 2017 Edition

Holiday shopping is hard. You want to be thoughtful and to get the ones you love something they’ll treasure; something they’ll actually use — but you also don’t want it to take, like, forever. You’re busy!

Well if you’re lucky enough to have travel and adventure enthusiasts on your list this year, we’re about to make your life a whole lot easier: just get them literally anything from our holiday gift guide for travelers and adventurers below and you’ll be their new favorite person (you can you can peruse last year’s guide too). Here, you’ll find tons of gift ideas in all shapes, sizes and prices, and for all kinds of travelers.

As you read, check out Uproxx travel and adventure editor Steve Bramucci’s 10 picks for vagaboundless holiday gift giving.


Boosted Boards

Look fam, I only get a handful of entries in this guide and Trevor gets roughly 5,000, so I’ve got to make all of mine count. For my first pick, I’ve chosen a $1500 skateboard. This board is also the answer for “Steve Bramucci Final Jeopardy” with the question being: “What mode of transport is Steve Bramucci the most willing to spend silly amounts of money on?”

Hopefully you can figure out how this works right away because you’re a brilliant autodidact. It’s electric and remote controlled and it zips you through traffic so smoothly you’d think Biff and his gang were on your heels. As someone who brings a skateboard on every trip, I can tell you that it’s a little too heavy to just casually lug on a plane, but it’s an absolute joy to have on road trips. I packed mine on a camping trip to NorCal and whizzed all over the place. It was perfect for runs to the camp store and for bombing those long stretches of roads in the Redwoods.

The Boosted 2 is best for flat places or gradual declines — though small inclines are no problem. Commuting in Manhattan would be a dream; San Francisco, not so much. Before we get to the comments, yes, I know this thing is expensive. But so is a year of Ubering everywhere while you could be ripping around on an electric skateboard that feels like riding a real-life magic carpet. I vote for the board. -SB

Buy It Here for… ahem… $1500


A. Polaroid Pop – Everyone loves a Polaroid photo. But everyone also loves Instagram. The Polaroid Pop — a camera that’s sure to spice up the way you take travel photos — fuses classic Polaroid style with digital flare. Take a photo, and using the touch screen, add text, stickers, drawings, filters, and *then* print it (meaning no more duds).