The Best U.S. Cities For Beer, According To The Masses

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The United States has over 7,000 breweries these days. That’s a lot. Craft beer has seeped into every corner of the country. Meaning there’s a lot of great beer out there…. and a fair bit of not-so-great beer, too. Choosing between great American beer cities becomes a precarious prospect.

Nevertheless, a handful of American cities have become full-blown beer destinations. These are places where beer is a cornerstone of the local identity — spots that are certainly worth traveling to if you love the sudsy stuff. To check out people’s favs, we rolled over to Ranker to peep their top ten after thousands of votes. There are a few oddities for sure and hardcore beer cities like Portland or Austin were inexplicably left off the list, but overall it’s not bad.

Check this list out and tell us your favorites in the comments.

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10. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo narrowly beat out Boston for the tenth seed. While a lot of beer lover’s out there might not immediately jump to the upstate NY city for beer, there’s a lot to be loved about the scene. There’s a balance of old-school microbrews side-by-side with a burgeoning and hip craft scene thanks to all that Great Lake freshwater.

Great Local Brewery: Community Beer Works

Community Beer Works nourishes a sense of community in the Buffalo beer scene. The stellar neighborhood beer stop brews an eclectic mix of sips that lean classic, with a nice dose of experimentation. Don’t miss out on their brown ale, The Whale. It has a subtle roasted malt quality that hints at dark chocolate.

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