A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Weed-Smoking Love In Your Life


It’s hard to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, whether it’s the first or the seventh or the fifteenth. This is why we stick to the same tried and true staples every year and manufacturers get away with making seven-foot teddy bears. It’s a least a little easier when your partner has hobbies and interests. Now you have a starting point. Travel! Cooking! Books!… Weed!

People who are into cannabis are always gonna be good with getting some bud — try strains like Sexxpot or Bruce Banner for extra good sexual healing. But that’s not a particularly creative gift. Instead, try to riff on your beloved’s interests while displaying your creativity.

Check out these fresh, fun options for your cannabis-smoking lover.


Via Made with Molecules

Just because a person likes to smoke a little herb doesn’t mean they want to be wearing the traditional marijuana leaf rendered in precious metals. Luckily, there are jewelers crafting gorgeous pieces using the THC molecule as a motif.

Jewelry company Made with Molecules offers a THC molecule necklace crafted by hand in sterling silver by scientist-turned-artist Raven Hanna, Ph.D. We kid you not, the necklaces are made using “Earth-friendly and people-friendly practices in a solar-powered sugarcane shack on the flank of Kilauea volcano.” In addition to feeling chuffed about choosing a lovely present, you can feel good knowing that a percentage of the purchase price is donated to environmental and science education nonprofit organizations.

You can buy the Made with Molecules necklace for $90.00.


Lowell Smokes

Hey, flowers are a standard for this holiday, but roses die. You either end up displaying their desiccated husks like some sentimental Victorian spinster with faded memories of a gentleman caller in days gone by or you toss them in the trash. If you get a bouquet of weed, you have a much more enjoyable third option.

If you live in Los Angeles, Lowell Herb Co. has what you need. The family farm bundles up sun-grown cannabis stems full of bud (1 ounce) with windflowers and eucalyptus leaves in tissue paper to mirror a classic floral arrangement. And Lowell grows legit weed. From seed to sale, everything is all-natural. That means they use organic fertilizer all the way and eschew synthetic pesticides. This is the kind of bougie sh*t that goes over big with Valentines who have champagne tastes and require creative gifts.

The Lowell Herb Co. bouquet will run you $400.00. Which… whew. But, they will deliver it in the LA area, so that’s something.

Seductive Gear


We acknowledge these aren’t silky Agent Provocateur skivvies, but we think seduction is subjective. For our money, soft cotton drawers with a tank top make perfect apparel for busting out your dab rig and snuggling under a blanket on the couch. And, neither of these options will crawl up your date’s ass like the unholy elastic of the terrible thongs that come in so many sexy undie sets.

We picked a more masculine pair and a more feminine pair because we don’t know your tastes. Maybe you lean into dudes in panties or chicks in boxer briefs. And, if that is the case, we are so here for it.

The hipster pair retail for $10.50, and the shorts are $18.99 for a pair.

Via Amazon


It seems you can’t celebrate any holiday without chocolate. Damn, there is probably a Reese’s tree being released for Arbor Day. But, no holiday (not even Halloween) lays claim to fancy chocolate like Valentine’s Day. And chocolate is the ideal vehicle for cannabis. You get to capitalize on the feel-good chemicals in both for total dopamine bliss.

Voted the best edible of 2017 by High Times, Satori Chocolates uses the highest quality ingredients. For example, their dark chocolate bites are made with cacao fino de aroma, one of the world’s most highly sought cacaos. The cannabis oil they use comes from premium strains. And, their blueberries in dark chocolate are harvested from third-generation Washington farmers, while their strawberries in milk chocolate are hand-picked Italian Alpine wild strawberries.

If you’re looking for something with a bit of whimsy and a social conscience, then Cannabis 4 Cause is your chocolate of choice. They make high-quality, fair-trade, cannabis-infused chocolate bars in dark chocolate, sea salted dark chocolate, raspberry dark chocolate, and mint dark chocolate. For every bar that is sold, the company gives medical grade cannabis oil to cancer patients in need free of charge. Helping people is legit sexy. And, if you are a design nerd, the packaging will appeal to you with its vintage-inspired renderings of animals in formal attire.

For prices, check with retailers.


Washington’s Velvet Swing is the first 100% latex-safe, condom-safe water-soluble cannabis lubricant on the market. It’s pretty straightforward to use. Get a few pumps worth and rub it into sensual tissues (think labia, clitoris, vulva, penis, and even areolas). In 5-20 minutes, you should start feeling some heightened sensitivity and tingling. But, you want to wait at least 20 minutes before the shuddering climaxes set in. We know you can fill that time.

Foria Pleasure is the OG lubricant. Although, it’s really more of a massage oil, as it contains both cannabis oil and coconut oil (you know what that means, not condom safe). When it was released, GQ named it the Sex Product of the Year, and it has been written up extensively. If you want to read dozens of writers walk you through their experiences and orgasms, Google has got you. Search away!

The big question is whether the lubes get you high. They will if you use them anally or ingest them because both of these actions shove that THC straight into your bloodstream. Otherwise, the lube simply offers you some relaxation and heightened sensitivity.

Velvet Swing retails for about $30.00, and Foria Pleasure is about $22.00.



Via Sweetflag

If you’re romancing a person who likes both form and function but leans more heavily toward form, there are some amazing designers creating luxury smoking accessories. Anyone can smoke from a random glass pipe purchased at a mini-mart while snagging some Corn Nuts. Hell, you can smoke from a toilet paper roll if it is just about getting high. But when it is part of a larger lifestyle, why not make it a gorgeous ritual?

Sweetflag’s website divides their products into before, during, and after sections. All of them have ideal prezzies, but we lean to before and during for the really useful items. Yes, “useful” sounds like buying socks, but believe us, no one who receives a rose gold grinder feels like they got some Hanes. Also sublime is the sardine tin, a copper finished picnic tin modeled after 18th-century tobacco boxes. It’s ideal for storing rolling supplies. For loves that vibe a little woo-woo, consider one of the crystal wand pipes, which are crafted from supercharged crystals that are sacred in both the physical and spiritual realm.

Visit Sweetflag to see more accessories and to get prices.

Via Sweetflag


Via Ardent

A nice dinner is great, and if you can find your way to a culinary cannabis event, definitely get in on that. But, if you don’t have that option, you can make your own edibles really easily right at home. With these infusion kits from Ardent, all you need is an outlet, so you could technically make them in a hotel or at work or next to the dumpster in your apartment complex if that’s where you are celebrating your love.

We have mentioned Ardent’s Nova, a decarboxylator, before because it is magic. You put your weed in and process it for consumption, while you avoid filling your home with cannabis odors like you would using the oven. Recently, they released infusion kits that allow you to also use the Nova in creating customized treats. There is a caramel kit with lactose-free flavors, including original caramel, spicy dark chocolate, and salted bourbon and vanilla bean. It’s perfect for topping ice cream or your partner’s naked body. If you aren’t down with sweets, consider their coconut oil kit, and use the infused oil to turn anything you cook with it into an edible. It can also be used as a topical for people who need a little pain relief to feel relaxed and romantic. The kits are a breeze to use and the end result is worth it. Plus, there’s no messy pan to clean up afterward. You can skip the dishes and get right to the loving.

The Sweet Quartet Caramel Infusion Kit runs $35.00 and the Oil Infusion Kit is $20.00.