Bartenders Tell Us Which Tequilas Are The Best Value For Your Money

08.11.17 7 months ago 3 Comments

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For a long time, there was a negative stigma surrounding tequila in America (the rest of the world has known how good tequila is for a long time). Here in the U.S., it was seen as the drink of frat boys, partiers, and middle-aged women guzzling high-proof margaritas. Tequila wasn’t a drink to be enjoyed and sipped like whiskey, Cognac, or rum. It was a spirit to be taken only in shot form, with a lime and a little salt. While you can still shoot tequila and no one would be mad at you for enjoying a margarita, today tequila is just as suited for slow sipping as it is a spirit anchoring your favorite cocktail.

With the increase in tequila quality hitting the mainstream market came an increase in price. Luckily, there are still reasonably priced tequilas that deliver the goods (especially for mixing drinks). That’s why we asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us the best value tequilas on earth.

Ann-Marie Verdi, beverage director and co-owner at The Bellwether in Studio City, California

El Jimador Blanco. We do a lot of infusing here at The Bellwether, so this mild tequila easily takes on the flavors I’m looking to get into it. It mixes well on its own and for about $20 a bottle, you just can’t beat it.”

Price: $20

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