The Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guide For The Stoner In Your Life

Holiday shopping for the weed smoker in your life can be tough. Sure, you can put absolutely zero through into your gift and grab your favorite stoner a gram, an eighth, or a few joints and they will most definitely be grateful. Everyone loves free cannabis, especially people who smoke all the time. But giving people gifts that they may potentially burn through in a single sitting offers similarly fleeting satisfaction for the giver.

Which begs the question: What kind of gift do you get a stoner that’s weed-related, has some staying power, and isn’t corny?

Put down those weed leaf socks and get away from that pot leaf-shaped ashtray. We’re going to guide you through a list of useful products that stoners of all stripes and tolerance levels will absolutely love. These are carefully curated items that we’ve personally sampled, ensuring that each pick is 100% weed-lover approved. Let’s dive into this year’s ultimate cannabis gift guide.

PART I — Herb & Stocking Stuffers

High 90’s 1,200mg Flavored Pre-Roll


A High 90’s flavored pre-roll isn’t just your average pre-roll. Each one packs a powerful punch, delivering 30%-40% THC per joint. That’s enough to get even your hardcore daily smokers stoned out of their minds.

This is no single-use joint — it’s a decadent treat. Each pre-roll is dipped in wax and subtly flavored with tropical notes that will make anyone feel like they’re getting high on a beach in California. Our favorites are the Gelato, Double Cup, and Tropical Punch, but honestly, each is tasty and strong enough to put you on your *ss.

If you can, try to get your hands on the full sample pack for an extra sweet gift.

Buy it here.

Caviar Gold Cavi Cone

caviar gold

Price: $15-$45

A single Cavi Cone by Caviar Gold offers an almost psychedelic experience, no matter how experienced the smoker. Each Cavi Cone joint features Caviar Gold’s premium infused kush dipped in 92% pure liquid THC and then dusted in kief, offering an intense experience that’s not for your novice smoker.

Buy it here.

Lowell Farms Lowell Smokes Eighth

Lowell Farms

Price: $45

Lowell Farms produces some of the highest quality herb in California and their products are always beautifully packaged, like the Lowell Smokes Eighths, which have everything you need to get your smoke on. Six high quality filtered joints, thick high-quality match sticks, and a strip to light them on all packed in a convenient carrying case that fits in your pocket, purse, bag — hell, you can roll them up in your sleeve like you’re James Dean.

The THC in these joints is top shelf, hovering just above and below 20% THC and offered in a variety of strains geared toward sleep, creativity, chilling out, and any other type of marijuana enhanced hang you can think of. This is the perfect gift for the smoker who loves joints and is way classier than gifting an eighth in a plastic vile.

Buy it here.

Playboy CBD Bath Bomb


Price: $15

Okay, so this isn’t the kind of gift you just buy anyone. This one is particularly geared towards stoner couples. Throw this baby in the bath and prepare to enjoy a relaxing foamy time as the fresh rose petal scent combines with 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD to chill you out into the ultimate state of relaxation. Pass a joint between you and your partner and see where the night goes from there. It’s sensual, relaxing, and soothing, so you know, don’t buy it for a casual acquaintance. (Or do, we don’t judge.)

Buy it here.

PART II — Smoking Devices

Lowell Farms Rechargeable Vape Pen

Lowell Farms

Price $45

Like the pre-rolled joints, Lowell Farms’ Rechargeable Vape Pens are beautifully packaged, in magnetic carrying cases that house sleek matte finish vape pens loaded up with half a gram of Lowell’s high quality liquid Live Rosin, with THC levels hovering around the high 50% level.

Once the gram is smoked, you get a pretty high-quality rechargeable vape so this is really two gifts in one.

Buy it here.

Marley Natural Black Walnut Bubbler


Price: $120

Great pipes are truly a luxury. At the end of the day, stoners just want to get high — it’s why people make bongs out of apples and water bottles. Nobody wants to do that, but when you have nothing to get the job done you improvise! This is why buying someone a quality pipe, like this black walnut… let me repeat myself. Black. Fucking. Walnut bubbler makes such a dope gift.

Who wouldn’t want to smoke out of this thing?

It’s got a big base, allowing for a larger volume of water to be filtered through the percolator smoothing out each hit to deliver maximum flavor and a clean smoking experience, and most importantly, it’s easy to clean.

It’s not as big and imposing as a bong, but it’s a leap up from your average glass pipe both in experience and design.

Buy it here.

Dip Dipper Dab Vaporizer

Dip Devices

Price: $114.99

The Dipper, by Dip Devices, isn’t just an alliteration-phile’s dream. It’s also great for stoners that like to get really, really high. The Dipper is a concentrate vaporizer (meaning it doesn’t use dry herb) that also functions as a portable dabbing device, allowing you to get a legit dab hit on the go without a complicated rig or torch.

Buy it here.

Pax 3 Vaporizer


Price: $250

My preferred smoking device for almost any occasion is the Pax 3 Vaporizer. It’s versatile, allowing you to vape both concentrates and loose-leaf marijuana, it’s portable, with a USB charger that you can bring anywhere from the car to… literally any destination, and it’s simple. No buttons (besides the one to turn it on, hidden in the mouthpiece) no digital temperature readouts, no nerdy stuff that ceases to matter once you’re high.

Just a sleek design in a metallic matte finish. It’s very much the Apple of vapes.

Buy it here.

PART III — Smoking Accessories

Saucey Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder


Price: $60

I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone need an auto-dispensing grinder? I was in that same boat too, and then COVID-19 happened and suddenly I didn’t want my housemates’ fingers anywhere near my weed grinders and the idea of passing around a piece officially became a thing of the past.

The Saucey Tectonic9 is big enough to house over a full gram of weed, making it perfect for social situations, and its auto-dispensing technology makes it so that you can disperse bowls without ever having to actually touch the weed.

It might’ve been a luxury in a pre-pandemic world but in a post-pandemic world? This is a necessity.

Buy it here.

Ardent FX Decarboxylator/Oven


Price: $350

In the event you’re reading the above words and feeling completely lost, let us break this down in the simplest way possible: The Ardent FX Decarboxylator is an Easy-Bake oven for making weed-infused edibles. Don’t know how to cook or don’t have a kitchen? Not a problem, the Ardent FX is incredibly easy to use and allows you to decarboxylate, infuse, and bake your flower, kief, or concentrate, all in a single device.

This is perfect for the stoner who loves edibles and puts the power of flexibility and customization in their hands, as they will be able to receive full infusions of the cannabinoid family from their favorite herb into whatever they want. You can use the Ardent to infuse butter, oils, make tinctures, and you can bake a cake inside of it! Or you can take your infused butter or oil, and cook something in your own kitchen, like cookies, or a pasta dinner, or whatever the hell else you want to infuse with weed.

It’s an edible lover’s dream.

Buy it here.

A Glass Jar


Price: $5-???

Seriously. Stoners f*cking love jars, especially nice ones. The best way to store your weed is in a glass container, but your average stoner just can’t be bothered to remember to pick up a glass jar so they will definitely appreciate this gift and know exactly what to do with it.

You don’t even need to tell them it’s for weed. When a stoner sees a jar, they automatically think, “I’d like to put weed in that.” If you want to spice up the present, throw some pre-rolls in there, or some herb, but really, we think just the jar is a solid gift. Make it a nice one!


Dad Grass

Price: $35

I have to admit, Dad Grass isn’t quite what I thought it was. My initial impression was that it’s a low-THC joint that you can smoke straight to the filter and not be off your ass. I’ve now realized that it’s all CBD. My bad.

This brings me to my new thesis about Dad Grass: Finally, a company proves — once and for all — that smokable CBD isn’t bullshit. Because I burnt through a whole five pack of these (one per session) and felt gooooood. In fact, I felt THC-body-high-level good, hence my original misconception about the very nature of the product.

I’ve tested a lot of CBD suff over the years. This is the first time I’ve ever mistakenly thought something had THC in it. Enough said. Get a pack for the person who wants to smoke but not be left thinking through cotton for hours on end.

Buy it here.

EDITOR’S PICK: Highborn Aromatic Body Oil


Price: $52

I’m pretty discerning when it comes to CBD. Or at least there are a few terms I look for — organic, lab-tested, full-spectrum (not really sure what that means, but it makes sense: who only wants part of the spectrum?). But to make our gift guide, any CBD product has to pass my personal bullshit test. Highborn does.

I can say that with confidence because, as I write this, I have a terrible pain in my neck from sitting at a computer too long. This cylinder of oil has been the only thing that’s helped. It also smells nice, which is a welcome perk when you’re slathering yourself in CBD oil to the degree I have been.

As a company, I like Highborn’s balance of attention to detail (they offer batch testing reports on their products) and hippie energy (they wave crystals over them, too). Pre-pandemic, this was the in-house CBD oil at the Saks Fifth Avenue Spa, but with that lane for enjoying the stuff shut down, the best bet is to buy some online as a gift for someone in your quarantine bubble and hope they’re down to trade massages with you.

Buy it here.