The Best Gifts for the Rum Aficionado In Your Life

When you think “winter spirits” bourbon, scotch, Irish, and even American whiskeys are probably all front of mind. But look past rum at the peril of your tastebuds. Do you like bourbon’s famed vanilla notes? Rum has those. Enjoy the floral flourishes of Irish whiskey? They’re common in rum, too. Want the oaky flavors imparted by time-in-barrel? Guess what rum gets aged in?

True rum aficionados get all of this. They won’t be surprised by rum-centric gifts, no matter how cold the weather is.

The rum-adjacent presents below are focused on actual bottles of rum, beautiful bar essentials, cool design pieces, and a few rum-infused favorites. Some of these offerings are budget-friendly, others are a bit spendier (but worth the splurge). If you’re feeling especially generous, pair one of our recommended rums with a rum-adjacent accessory. And if the rum lover in your life is you, feel free to forward this guide to the people who love you best.

Coconut Cartel Special Rum

Coconut Cartel

Price: $34.49

If your giftee is a sucker for pretty bottles holding quality rum, then this one’s for you!

This premium aged Guatemalan rum is distilled with sugarcane molasses before being barreled and aged for up to 12 years in new, charred American white oak barrels. Using fresh, locally sourced coconut water, they then proof the rum blend from cask strength down to 40% ABV bottle strength. While you can enjoy this in a spirit-forward cocktail, it’s best sipped neat.

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Rum Curious: The Indispensable Tasting Guide to the World’s Spirit

Barnes & Noble

Price: $25

World-renowned spirits author Fred Minnick knows his stuff when it comes to booze. In this book, he breaks down the origins of rum, how to properly taste it like a pro, and guides you in building your appreciation for the spirit’s wide variety of styles. The final section of the book includes distinctive rum-based cocktail recipes that go beyond the usual mojito or pina colada.

Give Rum Curious to the person who values a good book and an equally good rum.

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Rum ‘N’ Cookie Pudding Shot

Spoonable Spirits

Price: $30

Spoonable Spirits, the name behind this booze-infused pudding shot, was launched in 2017 by Kelli Lipson. She was inspired to start the company based on her nostalgic college memories of Jell-O shots. The puddings are all made fresh to order out of Long Island City with tequila, vodka, whiskey, and rum, depending on the flavor.

Though the Rum ‘N’ Cookie is rich, it comes in the perfect 2oz. serving so you don’t feel overstuffed after all those Zoom dinner parties this season.

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Godinger Silver Art Co. Ship in a Bottle 4 Piece Beverage Dispenser Set

Price: $69.95

Decanting and aerating rum opens up its aromas, resulting in a more enjoyable tasting experience. That’s where this beautiful cylindrical decanter comes in. It even has an antique ship on the inside, conjuring the seafaring history of the spirit.

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Humboldt Organic Spiced Rum

Humboldt Distillery

Price: $21.99

We’re suckers for spiced anything during the cold months. Rum is no exception. This rum is distilled from organic sugarcane, then infused with whole organic spices for a spicy and warming palate, made perfect with hints of vanilla and allspice. The added perk is there are no artificial flavors or ingredients and it’s USDA certified organic, so you’re getting a high-quality product at an incredibly reasonable price.

This expression is bottled at full 80 proof, so there’s a nice bit of kick for that hot buttered rum cocktail.

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Rum Lover Cocktail Kit

Williams Sonoma

Price: $74.95

This literally has “rum lover” in the product title, so this takes any challenging guesswork out of the equation. The kit includes citrus, mint, and cinnamon flavor blends, alongside a glass infusion bottle and a stainless-steel tasting straw. All the recipient needs to do is add rum and voila! They’ll have their very own bespoke rum infusions, made to order.

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Rolling Fork Rum

Rolling Fork Rum

Price: $85

Rolling Fork is the perfect rum for those who typically opt for whiskey. The Kentucky Cask Series takes rum distilled in El Salvador and ages it in former Kentucky bourbon barrels, rye whiskey barrels, and sherry and port French oak casks. The result is a complex and well-balanced rum with subtle sweet notes of caramel and vanilla, plus baking spices.

You’ll definitely want to snag a bottle for yourself as well.

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1937 Mount Gay Eclipse Rum Vintage Look Metal Sign

Price: $18.95

Everyone has that relative or friend with a cool house. You know, the one with the epic taste in design and furnishings? Add some vintage-inspired flair to their abode with this aluminum metal handmade Mount Gay Rum sign. It’s chic inside a home office and durable enough to withstand the weather if it’s best suited for the patio.

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Malin+Goetz Rum Body Lotion


Price: $35

What’s better than an actual glass of rum? Nothing. However, if we had to choose our pick of the next best thing, rum-scented body lotion seems like a pretty solid call. It’s lightweight yet hydrating… also: smelling like rum is cool.

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Tortuga Florida Coconut Rum Cake

Tortuga Rum Cakes

Price: $24.95

We know Tortuga has been around since the beginning of time (okay, since 1984), but hear us out. Their desserts cross over from delicious to divine, especially the coconut rum cake. Cake and rum are a match made in heaven. Each rum cake is hand glazed with oak barrel five-year-old aged Tortuga Gold Rum. It’s a boozy treat you can eat while slow-sipping your favorite dark rum.

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EDITOR’S PICK: Cutwater Bali Hai — Dark Rum

Price: $32.00

I have tasted a lot of rum in my time. It’s my spirit of choice and I’ve often led rum tastings at industry events. In all that time, I’ve never tasted a rum that tastes so clearly of rich butter, vanilla, and maple. Seriously, this is a decadent breakfast in a single sip. It’s basically syrup.

This season, I’ve been using Cutwater’s dark rum for rum cakes, caramels, sticky pudding, and, of course, as an after-dinner sipper. Cutwater claims that the butter-nature comes from cutting the dark rum with white rum and while I’m not quite sure I track how that works on a scientifically level, I’ll take their word that there are no synthetic additives.

If you or someone you love enjoys their rums tasting like filtered French Toast, this is the bottle to buy.

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