The Best Weed Pre-Rolls On The Market, Smoked And Ranked

Pre-rolls get a lot of hate from industry insiders and, often, for good reason. Despite being convenient and conceptually cool (there’s just something about walking into a store and buying a pack of joints), a dark side dulls the genre. Because pre-rolled joints can function as a kind of Trojan Horse — a deceptive tool for brands (especially the big corporate ones) to get off shwaggy weed mixed with non-psychoactive by-product at top shelf prices.

At their worst, pre-rolls contain flower mixed with trim and stems that wouldn’t make the cut to be sold otherwise. This mix is mechanically ground in a giant weed blender, which destroys the trichomes that house terpenes and cannabinoids, before being loosely sifted into cones. Clearly not a great process for the purist (or even someone who likes to get casually high).

From the consumer perspective, it’s literally impossible to know what’s inside a pre-roll when you buy it. That’s why picking a high-quality, trustworthy brand is an absolute must. Great brands don’t make bad products. The brand behind the preroll has to want to provide a top-notch experience (and fear their reputation suffering, otherwise), because nothing is stopping them from increasing margins using crooked tactics.

Despite pitfalls, there are — at this point in the arc of legal weed — a ton of amazing joints on the market. Each of the pre-rolls below has a defining “it” factor that sets them apart from the shwag. Check out five prerolls I love, smoked and ranked.

5. Glass House Farms x Field Extracts Marine Layer Diamond Infused Pre-rolls

Marine Layer Pre-rolls
Glass House Farms

Glass House Farms and their extract brand Field come in hot with these little Marine Layer diamond-infused pre-rolls. These are some seriously strong little joints.

When I rate joints I like to start with something called a dry hit. A dry hit is when you take a hit of the joint before it’s lit to experience the terpene profile of the weed you’re about to smoke. The flavor of the flower was a musky mix of fruit and citrus.

While the joint didn’t have much of a smell, which is common with pre-rolls, it hit hard as fuck. I was shocked, actually, by how potent they were. I blacked out on weed for a while there and don’t really remember what I was doing because I was so spaced. Then I started to feel a little more buzzy and social. The high ended up lifting into something fun and light, just like the marine layer that clings to mornings on the central coast of California, where this strain is from.

Bottom Line:

This joint is not for novice users, and would be best suited for an activity where people aren’t expecting very much from you.

Buy it Here: $35

4. Chemistry’s Project Fusion Pie Gal Diamond Infused Preroll

Chemistry Project Fusion Pre-rolls

Perfect for seasoned users with a higher tolerance, The Pie Gal Diamond Infused pre-roll by Chemistry knocked me on my ass, before kicking it into high gear.

When I lit this joint I immediately knew it was infused because my eyes got heavy and my head got swimmy. The flavors were citrus and pine with a tropical tinge. I could only smoke a little of the joint before spacing off into oblivion and forgetting I was smoking at all. Next, I became quiet and thoughtful for a while. Then, suddenly, everything changed. I became focused and inspired to run around my house organizing, cleaning, and writing articles — basically, just doing a bunch of shit manically and all at once.

Bottom Line:

Terpy, delicious, and bright like the sun, this is a fantastic daytime tool for boosting productivity and making the world sparkle.

Buy it Here: $16

3. Stone Road Black Jack Pre-rolls

Stone Road Black Jack Pre-rolls
Stone Road

While the flavor and smell of this Black Jack Pre-roll by Stone Road wasn’t quite as spectacular as our next two contestants, it more than made up for it with an upbeat, energizing high that made me productive in a fun way.

When I lit the joint, I was hit with notes of citrus and pine. The smoke was a little harsh but that’s often the case with pre-rolls as the mechanically ground flower dries out so fast. Immediately, I kicked into high gear but not in a manic or anxious way — in an inspired and productive-yet-relaxed way.

I think these pre-rolls are especially great for creatives and people who rely on the creation of ideas in their work. I found that I was able to think clearly and from a happier perspective. The anxiety which often leads to procrastination simply didn’t exist. I was able to write without getting distracted and create unique ideas with ease.

Bottom line:

I LOVED these. Great for daytime use, exciting, and tart. Just as suited for working all day as they are for going out.

Buy it here: $33

2. Farmer and the Felon Georgia Pie x Gary Payton Pre-Roll

Farmer and the Felon Pre-rolls
Farmer and the Felon

Coming in at our number two spot is Georgia Pie x Gary Payton Pre-roll by Farmer and the Felon. I found this joint to be the perfect day-off companion for a number of reasons.

On the first inhale I was hit with a strong peachy, peppery flavor that was really nice. Immediately, I was high, which is of course a good sign and seems obvious but you would be surprised how often they don’t.

The high was nuanced and well-rounded. I felt all the different ways that weed can make you feel good. It felt kind of like levitating. It made me want to go outside, have fun and laugh with my friends in the sunshine, not try to focus or get something serious done. I also found the high to be very social, as opposed to giving me social anxiety which often happens when you get super stoned.

Bottom Line:

With a buzzy, silly head high and a euphoric, uplifting body high, this joint makes for an ideal companion in hiking, going to the beach, hanging with friends, and other high fun low stakes activities.

Buy it Here: $21.00

1. Whitethorn Rose x Rose Petal Botanical Prerolls by The Pairist

Whitethorn Rose Pre-rolls
The Pairist

The winner of this epic smoke-off is none other than the Whitethorn Rose x Rose Petal Botanical Prerolls by The Pairist. Why? Because this joint is a sensory explosion that makes you feel like you just left the spa.

I can’t stress how incredible this joint smells and tastes. Sweet, fruity, rose petals, springtime, fresh berry pie. The experience of smoking this joint was more like inhaling a smoothie than weed smoke, floral fruit punch with a hint of lemon.

The high was dreamy, languid, and warm, like a hug or a hot tub. Amazing for mental and physical relief, I was experiencing intense physical anxiety prior to smoking it, and I literally felt the anguish melt from my stomach and spine. A joint that spectacular and unique in the flavor/effect arena will beat out all other joints every single time.

Bottom Line:

Whitethorn Rose is legacy genetics from Huckleberry Hill Farms in Southern Humboldt. The strain is rare, coveted, and usually available only in full flower 1/8ths. If you can get your hands on these, do it! They are truly a gift from nature, healing the mind and relaxing the body.

Buy it here: $30