The Best Weed Sleep Products That *Don’t* Feature The Much-Overhyped CBN

The connection between cannabis and sleep is far more complex than the simple assumption “weed makes you sleepy.” As with all things cannabis, the truth behind the trope is difficult to deduce in layman’s terms. This makes the industry, especially its consumers, vulnerable to misinformation. End users are often misinformed, confused, and even purposefully misled by brands implementing marketing ploys aimed at selling expensive products.

The cannabinoid CBN, which has been lauded as a miracle sleep molecule, is a perfect example. Like most buzzy trends in cannabis, (ex: the focus on high THC, the fixation on indica and sativa, the idea that rosin is higher quality than resin…), CBN is more of a marketing term than the wonder cannabinoid it’s made out to be. And it’s a pricey one at that.

“The idea that CBN equals sleep is where lazy science, negligent industry myth-making, and low consumer knowledge collide,” says scientist Carolina Vazquez Mitchell. Vazquez Mitchell has spent years studying the effects of cannabis on sleep in the formulation of her product Dreamt, one of my favorite cannabis sleep aids on the market. “It reduces the burden on the product developers to actually review scientific literature when they create these drugs, and it gives marketers a very simple way to explain what their products are supposed to do. But in my opinion, this is disingenuous.”

Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid that is produced when tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is degraded by air, heat, light, or acids. Some research has shown CBN to have similar effects to THC, though between four and ten times weaker. In short, it’s just old THC that is no longer as effective. To get more granular on the current research:

According to Vazquez Mitchell, “It’s also important to note CBN binds two times weaker to the CB1 receptors than THC. The CB1 receptors are the only cannabinoid receptors that regulate sleep.”

While CBN isn’t the miracle cannabinoid marketers make it out to be, it can still make you feel sleepy — because CBN is nothing more than degraded THC and THC is the most active cannabinoid in the sleep cycle. But simply adding CBN to a product then labeling it “for sleep,” is both reductive and deceptive.

So what does work?

“THC and CBD in a ratio of 2.5:1 have been shown to be the most effective ratio for inducing sleep quickly and without the risk of becoming stressed or paranoid,” says Vazquez Mitchell. “But the cannabinoids only help with deep sleep, and have been shown to hurt your REM sleep long term.” (REM sleep is crucial to your cognitive function and your ability to store memories.)

In order to foster a healthy night’s sleep, you have to supplement the cannabinoids with non-cannabis ingredients that help REM, like melatonin, valerian root, and certain terpenes. But while plenty of weed sleep products seem to focus only on marketing, there are a few great brands that emphasize all aspects of proper sleep. Here are some sleepy deepy cannabis products that don’t include CBN.


Dreamt Pen

Dreamt’s line of products has totally revolutionized the way I access sleep, specifically their vaporizer pen. Vazquez Mitchell’s unique, scientifically formulated blend of THC, CBD, melatonin, GABA, and Valerian root, has proven to work for every single person I’ve recommended it to, which over the years has been more than a few.

It works so well that sometimes when I’m bored I’ll just hit my Dreamt pen and see how long it takes me to fall asleep. I’ve even done exhaustive field research (consuming like every psychedelic and upper known to man at the same time) to see if it would still put me to sleep. It took a couple of hits and a little more time than usual, but it worked. Pretty impressive!

The other thing I like about the Dreamt pen is that it doesn’t make you groggy in the AM, which is a huge downside to many cannabis sleep aids. This pen puts you into deep, restful sleep that lasts the whole night, not just until 3:30 am when anxiety springs your eyes open like a reverse beartrap.

Bottom Line:

This is one of the most effective sleep aids on the market by far. Cannabis or not, you’d be hard-pressed to find something better.

Buy it here: $40

Low Tide Gummies by Seaweed Naturals

Low Tide Gummies
Seaweed Naturals

Low Tide Gummies by Seaweed Naturals stole my heart for three reasons. First, the brand is by Jacques Cousteau’s grandson and his wife, which is just chic. Second, these gummies contain beneficial ocean botanicals like kelp omegas and generally just have great ingredients. And third, they are ocean conservationists who care about the environment, with a portion of sales going to benefit marine organizations.

The first time I tried them, I was initially impressed with the flavor. It says blackberry, but it tasted more like raspberry sorbet, a little sour and not too sweet. The texture was nice and refined for a gummy, clearly a really high-quality product. At first, the feeling was euphoric and I was wondering if I was going to get tired, then I was lulled into sleepiness like the lapping tides of a warm sea.

Bottom Line:

Aside from being shaped like little pink starfish (swoon), the product itself I found to be really effective. These gummies contain 10mg THC and melatonin, a perfect combo for lights out.

Buy it here: $22

Deep Sleep by Rose Delights

Deep Sleep
Rose Delights

Rose Delights are so artful, impeccably executed, and delicious that we as consumers aren’t fully worthy of them as a brand. Each of their seasonal drops of live rosin-infused Turkish delights is limited-edition collaborations with the best cannabis brands and local fruit farms around California.

Their new Deep Sleep delights are no exception. Their first mood state product, passionflower, vanilla, and mulberries from the organic Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, California balance a blend of 28 different phenotypes of Holy Tonic flower, grown from seed by Rose and pressed into rosin. I ate one still vibrating from a particularly stressful day and physically felt my anxiety melt away.

Bottom Line:

From intention to packaging to flavor to efficacy, this is a perfect product that will lull you to sleep in style.

Buy it here: $35

Amalfi by Huckleberry Hill Farms

Amalfi by Huckleberry Hill Farms
Amalfi by Huckleberry Hill Farms

Amalfi by the legendary, 2nd generation Humboldt farm Huckleberry Hill Farms is an exquisite example of how good weed can be. This strain is extremely potent yet still in balance with nature. The THC is super high (34 percent), but… so is everything else. The chemical profile of this flower is highly elevated, vibrating on a level far above almost everything else on the market.

As the name Amalfi would indicate, this flower literally makes you feel like you’re bobbing in a boat on a warm salty sea, splayed out in the sunshine. I included it in this list because of its extremely euphoric, languid, fun, and relaxing effects. While it starts off silly, you often end up completely asleep without even realizing that you’ve fallen asleep because you are just that relaxed.

In fitting with the flower for the people philosophy of small Humboldt farmers like John Casali and Rose Moberly of Huckleberry Hill, these jars even come with a feminized seed pod attached, so you can grow your own plant and enjoy her magic for free. This weed is a medicine from the earth for your mind, body, and soul, and everyone deserves access to it. Major props to them for spreading love instead of greed. Our industry could use a lot more of this!

Because this strain is from a small farm with limited distribution, it could take a little more effort on your part to locate her. But, trust me, it’s beyond worth it. Think about if you were on vacation in a new city. Of course, it would be easier to eat at McDonald’s the entire trip, but wouldn’t you take the time to do a little research and find the best restaurants? Cannabis consumers need to be doing this, too! And trust me, it’s worth it. I try a large percentage of cannabis that hits the market, and the indoor mids that corporate dispensaries are feeding you could never even touch this level of magic!

Bottom Line:

Gassy, spicy, nutty, and sweet, she’s a heavy hitter that will waft you gently into dreamland. Take the time and seek her out. It will change your view on what cannabis can be, I promise!

Buy it here: Check here or contact to check availability near you.

Sleep Gummies by New Phase Blends

Sleep Gummies
New Phase Blends

The Sleep Gummies by New Phase Blends are one of those products that work so well it’s almost mind-blowing. This brand is hands-down my favorite effect-based CBD line on the market, which is saying a lot because I don’t usually fuck with CBD brands that say their products are going to do things other than make you relaxed. Without other added botanicals, cannabinoids, and active substances, that’s literally impossible, which is why New Phase Blends is so epic. All their products are patented blends that really work.

These little red gummy bears knock you the fuck out. I like the tincture too, but the gummies have an air of nostalgia with their little bear shape and synthetic cherry flavor. I’ve been obsessed with their sleep line for years. Regardless of how stressed, anxiety-ridden, or generally unsleepy you are, these will take you to a place of deep euphoria and rest. My bedside is never without it.

Bottom Line:

Regardless of your mental state, sleep is literally minutes away, 15 mins tops, when you use these products.

Buy it here: $80

NightCaps Infused Mini Prerolls by Perfect


NightCaps by Perfect are cute little prerolls that have been infused with live resin and are designed to put you to sleep. They hit hard, they work fast, and they’re perfect when you want to shut your mind down after a long day. The wildest thing about them is that they’re so strong, you really only need one hit to feel the effects, making it instantaneously effective. I like to hit it once or twice, clip the joint in my bedside ashtray (does everyone have one of those or just me?), and save it for future use.

Bottom Line:

Tiny, effective, affordable.

Buy it here: $20

Sleepy Time 5mg THC Softgels by ABX

Sleepy Time Softgels

Sleepy Time Softgels by Absolute Extracts are a great low-dose THC option to take the edge off and deliver you calmly to rest.

Bottom Line:

An inexpensive, widely available option that works well for mild insomnia.

Buy it here: $20

Verdure 1:2 CBD:THC Sleep Tincture


Verdure’s 1:2 Sleep Tincture truly has it all. The correct cannabinoid ratio! The supporting role of sleep-inducing botanicals! A soothing lavender flavor!

I was really impressed when I tried this product. Each serving has 16mg THC, 8mg CBD, lavender, vanilla, chamomile, bergamot, valerian, and clary sage. Gorgeous. While it took a little while to put me to sleep (I would say about 45 minutes) the sleep that I enjoyed was deep, long, and restful. I woke up in one of those super jubilant fashions where you spring forth from bed, excited to meet the day.

Bottom Line:

This is a great option that falls in line scientifically with what is proven to help you sleep. 10/10 check it out.

Buy it here: $25