The Best Whiskeys In The World (From Countries Not Usually Associated With Whisky)


The world of whisk(e)y is huge. It might seem like Canada, the US, Ireland, Scotland, and Japan get all the acclaim when it comes to the aged spirit. But, there are many other countries slowly making a name for themselves in the whiskey industry. And getting to try delicious offerings from all around the world has become one of our favorite hobbies.

The first name that comes to mind when we think about non-traditional whisky powerhouses is Taiwan’s Kavalan. Few outside of the whisky business even knew the island nation was producing whisky. Then, the distillery’s Solist Vinho Barrique won the award for “Best Single Malt Whisky In The World” at the 2015 World Whiskies Awards. Now, they’re one of the most important spots on the map.

And in the last decade, many other distilleries have started producing high-quality whiskeys in countries not normally associated with the spirit. In honor of World Whisky Day on Saturday, May 19th, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the best contributions we’ve found. From New Zealand to Tasmania, the whisky world has a lot to offer. Check out some of our favorites below.