Beyond Meat Is Giving Out Free Food At Del Taco, Veggie Grill, And Carl’s Jr. Today

Beyond Meat

If you’ve been on the fence about taking a deep dive into a meat-less world and trying Beyond Meat for the first time, today is the day. Seriously, we mean it, May 3rd is Beyond Day — which means you can get free Beyond branded food from Carl’s Jr, Veggie Grill, Del Taco, Bareburger, or Epic Burger. Now you have absolutely no excuse to not give Beyond Meat a try. Keep in mind that cutting back on your meat consumption is just one of the ways you can lessen your own personal carbon footprint, which is always a good thing.

The deals do come with some caveats of course, so if you’re planning on storming into Carl’s Jr, banging on the table and saying “Give me a Beyond Famous Star” like you’re the Fonz or whatever, you’re probably going to get kicked out.

Beyond Meat

To claim your free Beyond Meat products, show up to your nearest Carl’s Jr, Veggie Grill, Del Taco, Bareburger, or Epic Burger of your choice, say “Happy Birthday Beyond” at the register and receive your free Beyond Meat product. Keep in mind that at certain establishments, you’ll have to make a purchase like a medium or large drink, but you’re really just rounding out your meal so it’s a bit of a win-win.

To see each establishment’s requirements to claim your Beyond Meat meal, visit the Beyond Meat website here. Now let’s get to eating!