These Photos From Brainquility Will Make You Crave More Intimate Festival Experiences

02.25.19 4 months ago

Donnie Dagley - DagPics

The vibe that almost every music or destination festival tries to capture is one of acceptance, freedom, immersion, and community. But actually succeeding at curating that kind of energy is difficult on a massive scale. Which is why the organizers of Brainquilty — a funk, jazz, and global fusion festival — keep things smaller, attempting to bring back an earthy, communal vibe to the festival scene. And if you’ve been craving a more intimate experience than the Lollapaloozas or Coachellas of the world, you’re going to want to check it out!

Brainquility just finished up their second-year of festivities at their new home, The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida (which has enabled them to add camp sites for the two-day event). With both live and electronic acts, Brainquility’s musical brand sits comfortably in the psychedelic-jam and experimental beatmaker’s world. This year’s list of performers included psychedelic bass-smiths OPIUO, as well as Lotus, Russ Liquid, Flamingosis, Zach Deputy and more.

The festival is about more than music though. With immersive art installations, scavenger hunts, painting, live glassblowing, and woodworking, Brainquility gives its attendees the unique experience of participation-based community. They provide festival-goers with an opportunity to create — something that the bigger festivals can’t realistically provide.

Last year proved popular enough to add a second date, meaning the festival is growing, so catch Brainquility sooner rather than later if you want to have “I was there at the beginning” style bragging rights. And you can check out photos from Brainquility below to catch a glimpse of its chill vibe.

Tiffany Zivolich - ReneZiv Artistry

Tiffany Zivolich - ReneZiv Artistry


Tiffany Zivolich - ReneZiv Artistry

Tiffany Zivolich - ReneZiv Artistry

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