Burger King Is Somehow Selling A Metric Crap Ton Of Hot Dogs

Last month Burger King rolled out the chain’s first line of Grilled Hot Dogs too much social-media fanfare and mixed reviews, with outlets such as the New York Post calling the new offering, “the worst embarrassment in the name of cylindrical meat matter since Anthony Weiner tweeted his wiener.” But despite some of these more dubious reviews, people are coming out in droves to try Burger King’s new hot dogs, with stores selling an average 80 and 120 grilled hot dogs per day.

And that’s before the national advertising campaign even started! That’s kind of lot of hot dogs.

“There has been an overwhelming response,” CEO Dan Accordino said on the call. “The advertising for the grilled hot dogs didn’t even start until [Thursday]. So all you have seen so far is what you have seen on social media.”

What’s more, he noted, the hot dogs are “incremental,” meaning consumers order them with other items, driving up the chain’s average check.

It sounds like the initial sales boost might be chalked up to the “sick curiosity” factor, so whether that will translate into long-term sales is questionable — especially if the dogs are as gnarly as some are making them out to be. Either way, your move, McDonald’s.

(Via NRN)