Flights To Paris And Barcelona Are Wicked Cheap Right Now

The World Economic Forum just published their biennial report ranking the best countries in the world to travel to, and the top spots were awarded to France and Spain, with the latter coming in at the #1 spot. The study was centered around each country’s tourism infrastructure and natural and cultural resources, factors that France and Spain scored highly for in each of the study’s main focuses. But instead of becoming bored to death with the granular details of some study (we studied the study for you!), we implore you to pack a bag, and see the two great European countries for yourself.

Thanks to this cheap flight deal published first on Secret Flying, you can travel to two of the countries’ best cities, Paris and Barcelona, from two of the United States’ biggest cities, Los Angeles and New York, for under $300 roundtrip.

Flights from Los Angeles to Paris are currently hovering around $272 dollars roundtrip through British Airways and Finnair so long as you travel between January and March of 2020. What are you going to do between January and March in Paris, France? Well for one, you can follow in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain in search of the world’s best cheese, or ice skate in front of the Eiffel Tower as you enjoy the French winter, which sounds better than Winter in Los Angeles which is, you know, 70 degrees and kinda bleak.

New Yorkers will get to visit Barcelona, the planet’s top country for travel — according to the World Economic Forum — for prices around $246 roundtrip through American Airlines if they take a trip sometime between this month and March 2020, though dates through Christmas and the New Year are excluded. Spain in the winter is one of the best times to visit with foot traffic on the lighter side, and average temperatures in the 50s. Visit a famed Barcelona spa or hit the country’s vibrant food scene for a guaranteed good time.

Head to Secret Flying to check out the deals to Paris, France or Barcelona, Spain and visit two of the top countries this winter for a steal of a price.