A Visual Tour Of Bourdain’s Cheese-Centric ‘Parts Unknown’ In France

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Anthony Bourdain went to France. Cheese was eaten. Lots of cheese. And it was glorious.

Bourdain was accompanied on his travels by his partner in (culinary) crime Eric Ripert. Ripert — who is one of the best chefs alive — took Bourdain to the part of the world that influenced him most. The food Ripert illuminated is the food that helped shape the world-class chef and offered a window into the psyche of both men.

As we mentioned, those psyches seem to be dominated by cheese. Melted cheese. Fondue’d cheese. Blocks of cheese. Hell, Bourdain and Ripert even milked cows.

As always, we want to give you a visual guide to the places Bourdain hit in this latest episode. So let’s jump right into all the luscious locales and food porn from this episode of Parts Unknown.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc

The episode was based in the French Alps around Mount Blanc in southeastern France. It’s a bit like Switzerland if it were in France — the mountains are green and lush, the food is hearty (and cheesy), and the villages are postcard perfect.

Chamonix is really one of those places that is that beautiful.

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