The Cheapest Flights Out Of Five Major US Cities This June


Even with all the help available on the internet, looking for affordable flights can be a major drag. You have to adjust and readjust your dates and destinations, the prices on deal aggregators always seem to change right before you pay for them, and you somehow end up with 17 browser tabs open, accidentally booking a flight to Toledo, Ohio rather than Toledo, Spain.

Why can’t some sweet angel just show you all the best options from month to month or day to day?

That’s the concept behind Escape. The Singapore-MIT Alliance of Research and Technology created a website that allows you to input departure cities and date ranges and find cheap flights from there. Destination unknown! The world is yours!

With the platform getting tons of recent buzz, we decided to put it to the test — using it to track the five cheapest flights out of the country from some of the biggest cities in America this June. Why June? Why not! Next month is as good a time as any to go on a spontaneous trip overseas.

Chicago to Barcelona


You can travel from Chicago to Barcelona for just $688! It isn’t the cheapest flight ever, but it’s still a pretty good deal and a great deal for Europe in summer.

Tell us that spending mid-June in Barcelona doesn’t sound like an absolute dream, go on, tell us!

Houston to Bogotá


Head over to Bogotá Colombia from Houston Texas for the low price of $457. Trade in that warm climate for a lush tropical one, and drink lots and lots of booze. Because you’re on vacation baby!

New York to Dublin


Swap the New York summertime for Dublin Ireland this summer for only $350. Lots of flights from New York seem to be on the cheaper end, so if Dublin doesn’t sound dope to you feel free to do your own searching.

Los Angeles to Cartagena


Leave Los Angeles behind this summer to party it up in South America. Cartagena, Colombia to be exact. Only $558. Summer in Los Angeles is overrated, trust the author on this one (I’ve lived here my whole life).

Miami to London


If you live in Miami but hate the heat and humidity, wow, tough break. Don’t worry though, we found this deal that’ll get you out of the tropics and into whatever they have going on over that in London. It’s almost never summer there. $610 to London in June? That’s a steal.