Cheesecake Factory’s Beloved Brown Bread Is Hitting Grocery Shelves

01.24.18 1 year ago

Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory, for better or for worse, is a symbol of how many Americans eat out. Large portions, a broad section of cuisines adapted for American palates, and, of course, the enormous variety of sugary desserts. But now, you can bring the best part of the meal home, as the Cheesecake Factory is putting its beloved brown bread on the shelves.

The sweet brown bread (“The Factory” puts sugar in EVERYTHING) is hitting store shelves as dinner rolls, sandwich loaves, and “heat-and-serve” mini-baguettes for the full Cheesecake experience. The company promises it tastes exactly like the bread you get at their tables while flipping through a novel-sized menu, so heat it up in the oven with a moist towel and you’ve got the full experience.

No matter what you think of the chain, they really do nail this bread. It’s what you want out of a dinner roll; a light sweetness, a fluffy texture, an actual crust that gives way without excessive effort, and enough grain flavor beyond that to feel hearty, even though, let’s face it, this is just the prelude to eating an entire plate of pasta and grilled chicken smothered in a white sauce. Really, the only question is why this even really took that long.

(via Food & Wine)

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