Cooking Battles Is Back With ‘Max The Meat Guy’ Judging Burger Creations

Could you make a burger based solely on a drawing? You’re probably thinking, “Sure! Easy.” But what if that drawing was made by the youngest member of your family? To pull that off, your creativity has to be as dialed in as your skills in the kitchen. To test those skills this week, home chef and actress Britt Ellis is entering the Cooking Battles Thunderdome against chef and co-founder of Seoul Sausage, Yong Kim. Their battle? Make a burger based on a drawing from the youngest member of their family using HEINZ products wherever they can.

That all sounds simple enough. But it really does come down to how the chefs interpret their drawings and the creativity they bring to the kitchen for their burgers. Britt starts off by looking at the green scribbling on her burger drawing and focusing on a Carolina chiliburger with coleslaw piled high. Meanwhile, chef Kim’s unicorn burger with a smiley face, horns, and pink sauce leads towards apples and beets getting pureed for a burger that truly catches the eye.

Both Ellis and Kim go all-in with their burgers and create dishes that look mouthwatering in completely different ways. Ellis’ liberal use of chili and slaw is hard to ignore. But Kim’s use of cheddar and mozzarella cheese with an apple-beet sauce feels like a trip to flavortown.

In the end, Max Greb (better known on the internet as Max the Meat Guy) steps in to judge these burgers himself. Greb’s job goes beyond just tasting the burgers and declaring a winner. He’s also judging each burger on Presentation, Build of the Burger, Use of Sauce, Closest to the Drawing, and Creativity.

Will the smiling, beet-filled unicorn burger win? Or the stacked Carolina chiliburger? Watch the episode to find out!