These Countries Have The Best Food On Earth, According To The Masses

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02.07.19 11 Comments
countries with the best food


Which country has the best food in the world? Woah. Is there a more loaded question on earth? Locations aside, many countries are massive places with varying cultures that make up very disparate food scenes. So, is the Basque country of Northern Spain better than Northern Thai food from Chang Mai? How does one even go about deciding that?

One doesn’t, that’s how. Our ethos: enjoy it all, folks.

Though we don’t know if this subject is truly rankable, we are curious about which cuisines around the world people dig the most. To find an answer to that, we turned to the masses over at Ranker. The question was simple, “which countries have the best food?” Over 400,000 people voted and a very clear (if not that surprising) top ten emerged.

When looking at the top ten, it’s hard to argue one country over another here. Even in seemingly small countries like Italy or Greece or Thailand, there’s enough internal variation in regional cuisines to argue about which of those are the best, much less trying and compare entire nations.

Still… we’re game to try if you are!


This is probably the most shocking upset on the list. Germany lands at ten with blazing pretzels, plump sausages, and plenty of schnitzels to go around. In reality, Germany is so much more than its stereotypical beer-hall-fare (that’s mostly from Bavaria).

German cuisine is a very seasonal and locavore-driven country with smoked fish dominating as thoroughly in the northern states as roast pork shanks dominate across the south. This is a country where food matters, local matters, seasonal matters, and innovation triumphs, making it one of the hippest food scenes right now.

Iconic Dish: Schnitzel

Look, going to Germany and not trying to find the best schnitzel is a waste of a trip, if you ask us. The breaded pork or veal cutlet is fried to crispy perfection. It’s often served with a tangy and very light potato salad alongside freshly grated horseradish. It’s surprisingly light fare given that it’s straight-up deep fried. Happy schnitzel hunting next time you’re in Germany!

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