Here Comes The ‘Instant Coffee Of Craft Beer’ That You Never Asked For

Have you ever lamented that you can’t bring your favorite IPA or imperial stout through security at the airport to enjoy on that cramped flight? Have you ever wished your favorite brewpub was in the far reaches of the Andes or South Pacific? Can you not get enough of that beer they call craft? Well, some Danes have been tinkering in their beer labs in Copenhagen and may have created a real game-changer in the world of beer.

They invented an instant beer powder. They’re promoting this as the “instant coffee” of beer. Simply add their freeze dried craft powder to bubbly water and alcohol (read: sh*t beer) and viola, you have your favorite craft brew. The process is pretty intense, “we loaded 5 liters of deep frozen beer into trays in the freeze-drying machines. Then, after some hours of processing in around minus 40 degrees Celsius and 0.1 millibar of pressure, everything that is left on the trays is dry.” What’s left is a powder you can stir into watery alcohol.

We reached out to Joe Stange, beer connoisseur and contributing editor for DRAFT Magazine, and he summed up what we’re dealing with here. “This is gimmicky nonsense, meant to be shared via social media to get some publicity and make its creators some duckets via gag gifts. Having said that, it might lead to fun things when the cocktail mixologists get hold of it.”

Shots fired! (Admittedly it sounds a lot like Tang but for beer.)

So far they’ve created freeze-dried powders for “a heavy deep beer brewed with coffee, a fruity IPA brewed with different tropical fruits, a wild yeast hop-forward IPA, and a fairly dry pilsner.” To Øl are still in their testing phase right now, but expect this be hitting your local craft beer pub sooner rather than later, if only just for the novelty alone.

(Via To Øl)

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