The Case For And Against Craft Beer ‘Selling Out’

Craft beer is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The expansion of brands like BrewDog, Stone, Dogfish Head, and others have drawn accolades and criticism in almost equal measure. Some say that craft brewers are selling out by taking corporate money and entering foreign markets. There’s a case to made there. Others (often those receiving those multi-million dollar investments) say that the bigger they are the more they can support innovation and local beer communities. Again, not completely without merits.

All we know right now is that craft beer is an unstoppable force in the beer industry and these issues are going to remain in contention as small, local, and home brewers transform into multi-national conglomerates faster than we can keep track of them. So where do you fall on the commoditization of craft beer? Is it okay for them to “sell out” or do you like to keep it local?

I’m going to have an argument with myself to try to answer a perhaps unanswerable conundrum. You can @ me in the comments with your opinion.