Drake Said Dan Aykroyd Invented Patrón And Got Roasted For It, But Is He Actually Right?

Last weekend Drake sat down with Barstool Sports’ Sundae Conversation With Caleb Pressley series for a truly bizarre but fun interview over tequila passion fruit cocktails. The pair talked about Drizzy’s parenting skills (and were joined by his son Adonis), his in-air snack preferences, his 42-diamond necklace, and a brief discussion over who would sit on the Canadian Hall Of Fame. The answer to that last part aside from Drake of course? Mike Myers, Ryan Gosling, and Dan Aykroyd, to which Drake added of the famous comedian:

“Patrón, like, invented it, so had to live a decent life right?”

That resulted in an immediate interjection from co-host Glenny Balls — who Drake called “GB” which as far as we’re concerned, is his name now —

“Dan Aykroyd invented Patrón?”

“Yeah… right?”

“What? Dan Aykroyd, like the Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd?”

“Yeah, that’s his liquor, who do you think invented it, T-Pain?”

After a lot of pushback, Drake stood his ground until someone off-camera confirmed that Dan Aykroyd didn’t in fact invent Patrón.

It’s easy to come out of that interview roasting Drake, considering Dan Aykroyd, a white guy from Canada, absolutely did not invent Patrón (the brand’s co-founder is actually John Paul DeJoria (along with Martin Crowley), a totally different white guy who is also the co-founder of Paul Mitchell hair products, which is just as random as thinking its Aykroyd). Even people who want to be generous to Drake will assume he must’ve been thinking of Crystal Head — Aykroyd’s vodka brand.

But it turns out there is a little bit more to Drake attributing Patrón to Akyrod.

According to the BBC, before starting Crystal Head vodka in 2007, Aykroyd first entered the spirits industry in 2005 when he set up a company to import Patrón tequila into Canada. So to Canadians, Akykroyd is essentially the father of the famous tequila brand and is the reason Canadians started sipping luxury tequila in the first place. So now that we have your back Drake, whenever you want to sit down for an Expression Session, you know where to find us.

We promise we’ll only roast you for your whiskey.