Earn $10K While Traveling The U.S. Reviewing Fancy Pools This Summer


You’ve probably already decided that the place you’re going to spend most of your time this summer is near a pool — so you might as well make $10k while doing so. is looking for a Poolhop — which sounds an awful lot like a Bellhop, but it turns out is way f*cking better — to conduct some research on what they’re calling the “most epic hotel pools” in the country. We’d do that for free, so the ability to earn $10k in just two weeks sweetens the deal tremendously.

Over the course of two weeks in August, you’ll be tasked with venturing to six hotel properties where you’ll be treated to drinks, a swim, and some envy-inducing photo opportunities. Your only responsibility will be to have fun and document the experience, reporting back to the fan-base — which means you’ll already have a built-in audience.

As part of the job, your travel and lodging will be completely covered, and you’ll receive a full year of Gold Rewards member status at, as well as the aforementioned $10,000 stipend. Before you go thinking this job is too good to be true and is bound to take you to some crusty motel pool in the middle of nowhere, you’re wrong. You’ll be checking out the Four Seasons in Hualalai in Kona Hawaii, The Mondrian In Los Angeles, The SLS in Las Vegas, The Garden of the Gods Club and Resort in Colorado Springs, the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, and the National Hotel in Miami Florida.

Applications are being accepted now, with a closing date of June 25th. To apply for the job, head over to the job page and supply your Instagram handle, 100 words on why you deserve the gig, as well as a 100-word sample review of a hotel. If you’re thinking 100 words sounds like a lot — it isn’t. The first paragraph of this article is 100 words, which proves that I and I alone deserve this job.

Qualifications for the Poolhop include being at least 21 years old, a legal U.S. resident, and the availability to travel across the U.S. for two weeks in August. Oh right, and you should probably be able to swim or you’ll never collect that $10,000. Check out some of the pools you’ll be splashing around in if you’re chosen below.

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