These Splash House Photos Have Us Hyped For This Summer’s Pool Parties

06.11.19 2 months ago

Splash House

Summer is here and Southern California is already feeling the heat, which means people are taking to pools in droves to cool off and soak up the sun. And while we don’t doubt that your own personal pool parties are capable of reaching epic heights, we seriously doubt they’re capable of matching Splash House’s levels of unhinged. We can prove that because we have photos from last weekend’s Splash House (where we had a team on the ground) — a pool party so massive that they had to spread the stages across three Palm Springs hotels, where attendees were treated to exclusive DJ sets by Justice, Jai Wolf, and Armand Van Helden.

I’m not sure what you did this past weekend, but if it didn’t include beautiful people in swimwear getting wasted to pumping electronic bass music while drinking way too much alcohol did it really exist? According to your boss, yes. But according to us… only sorta. Time to amp that noise up, summer is here.

If these photos end up leaving you feeling a little left out from all the pool party fun, don’t worry. Splash House is set to return to the Renaissance, Riviera, and Saguaro hotels on August 9-11. The lineup hasn’t been announced but these pics will help you savvy out what’s in store at one of the biggest pool parties of the summer.

Splash House

Splash House

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