Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts Girl Scout Cookie-Inspired Drinks

UPROXX/Dunkin Donuts

Some of us measure the seasons by the turning of the leaves, some by the waxing and waning of the moon, but the most important season remains Girl Scout Cookie season. Girl Scout cookies, in addition to pairing well with wine, also serve as a useful licensing tool for the organization — since you turning your entire paycheck into cookies isn’t enough.

Now, they’re coming to your coffee, courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts. The brands have announced three flavors: Thin Mint, Coconut Caramel, and Peanut Butter, all of which will be available by Monday, February 26th. Don’t worry, the Peanut Butter one is allergen free. If that weren’t enough, for the next few weekends, select Dunky’s will be allowing Girl Scouts to sell their wares inside the store, starting this weekend. The coffee flavors will be available through May.

Remember, that cookie money — whether in the form of licensing or buying a box from a Girl Scout directly — goes to a good cause. The majority of the money raised goes directly to local troupes, while the bakeries get a quarter and the national organization gets between 10 and 15%. So, while it’s probably not good for your diet, it’s probably worth buying a box to go with your coffee. Or two. Or three. Or perhaps just give them your bank password and remove the middleman.

(via The Boston Globe)