This Is Not A Drill: Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is On The Way


Eat your heart out, people who wish they could have girl scout cookies in their cabinets all year round. (AKA everybody on Earth). Coming in January 2017, there will be Caramel Crunch and Thin Mint flavored cereals, for all of those times when you wish you could be eating cookies for breakfast but decided against it because you’re an adult.

Now, there are multiple options coming to the market soon that will allow people to not only get that Girl Scout Cookie fix for more months a year than previously available but also to branch out from dipping delicious cookies in milk to drowning delicious cookie-like cereal in milk and chowing down. The cereals are reportedly a limited edition item though, so stock up on this nonperishable as fast as you can. If successful, this experiment could lead the way to Girl Scout cookie protein bars, Girl Scout cookie chips, or even Girl Scout cookie soup. Okay, so maybe not the last one.

Cookies and other Girl Scout products still provide funding for lots of programs and supplies nation-wide, so you don’t have to feel weird buying yet more sugary treats. It’s for a good cause! And they look delicious.

(via Buzzfeed News)