SCIENCE: Eating What You Pick Out Of Your Nose Might Actually Be Good For Your Health

05.06.17 2 years ago

Eating boogers (or bogies) is the key to a happier and healthier life. You might be reading that last sentence over for the third time, but that’s exactly what scientists are saying they’ve recently found. According to scientists, new research shows eating snot could help people’s immune systems fight respiratory infections, stomach ulcers, and even HIV. Not only that (oh yes, there’s more!), but scientists have found that people who go digging for nose-gold and eat the booger-booty are overall not only healthier, but happier, than those outside the booger-eating-community. Looks like you don’t need healthcare after all!

According to The Telegraph, the scientist conducting studies at both Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have concluded booger-eating is apparently no longer a thing children should be discouraged from doing because boogers contain ‘a rich reservoir of good bacteria’ that helps defend against illness when ingested, just like medicine does. The science on this is advanced that researchers are apparently already working on producing mucus toothpaste and snot chewing gum for those who want to load up on good-boogie-bacteria without the chore of mining it themselves. Although, if the boogers in the booger toothpaste and chewing gum aren’t yours…oh. OH, NO.

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