This Christmas Eve You Should Really Try Our Eggnog Recipe

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This story was written for Christmas 2016 and has been republished — with some changes — today.

It’s that time of year again, when folks start dishing up the most controversial of all seasonal arrivals: eggnog. When it comes this yolky, spicy, satiny drink, there isn’t much middle ground. Some people are appalled by the richness, while others (myself included) can’t get enough of the stuff.

There’s an old adage about eggnog that if you’ve only tried the store-bought variety, you’ve never really had it at all. We tend to agree. Commercial eggnog has to contain no less than one percent egg and its makers often amp the sugar up to extremes to invent flavor.

This holiday, we want you to give the nog another shot by making, or just partaking, in the real thing.