Learn Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Eggnog With Tyson Buhler Of Death And Company

02.12.16 3 years ago

Erin Taj For Uproxx

Welcome to TOP SHELF, a new Uproxx Drinks series in which we take a deep dive into one obscure, underappreciated, or altogether forgotten cocktail each week. We kick off this week with a drink everyone loves to hate: Eggnog 

The holidays may well and truly be over, but February is still very much winter. We’re still dealing with dreary weather and neighbors who haven’t taken their Christmas lights down. Also, the white walkers are probably stalking towards us right now.

Point being, these are hard times, and hard times call for festive, comforting cocktails. Sitting atop the festive cocktails category is eggnog. It’s also a cocktail that doesn’t get a ton of 2016 love. In fact, if there’s a food-counterpart to eggnog, it’s fruitcake — a once popular treat that’s since become more of an obligatory holiday side note.

egg nog


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