Here Are The Foods We Want To See On More Menus In 2017

We love food. Like movies, TV, travel, and music, it’s fun to obsess over and geek out on. Sure, being full is great, but what really makes food exciting are the sensory aspects, the unique twists, and the joy of witnessing a creative vision. The perfect bite is transformative — whisking you away to far off lands and activating sense memories.

Still, like movies, TV, travel, and music, the world of food often falls victim to the proliferation of trends and lowest common denominator thinking. Ideas ripen and take hold of the public consciousness (remember the cronut?), then start to fade away as new concepts rise to the fore. Point being: menus aren’t static, change is inevitable. Embrace it.

Here are 10 dishes we wouldn’t mind seeing more of in 2017:

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