‘You Sure Can Hydrate A Pizza’ — How The Future Of Food Will Change The Way You Eat

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10.15.15 3 Comments


The new era of "balanced breakfast."

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When Back to the Future Part II hit theaters in 1989, it put forth a vision for how the world might look on October 21, 2015 — offering bold predictions for how we would travel (hoverboards! flying cars!), how we would dress (self-fitting clothes! self tying sneakers!), and how we would eat (rehydrated pizza!).

Some of the predictions never quite gelled (fax machines and laser disks barely made it out of the 90s) while others were spot on (our obsession with 3D and sequels). Here are Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd discussing what the movie got right, where it missed, and how it might still be proven accurate in days to come:

When you’re talking food, the most memorable scene in Back to the Future Part II happens in the McFly kitchen — where the family enjoys a drop down garden and pizza prepared in seconds. With this scene as a leaping off point, we spoke to food luminaries about what has come to pass and where things are headed with regard to where we get our food, the way it’s prepared, and how it tastes.

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