Ramen Vending Machines In LA And Vegas Will Let You Pay With Instagram Posts


Vending machines aren’t as big in America as they are in places like Japan, where you can buy everything from a hamburger to socks, to grilled flying fish. That’s probably because we keep putting in the most basic of vendable goods into our machines, like stale chips and Mountain Dew Code Red. While we aren’t advocating for vending machine hamburgers, it would be nice to get a snack that is a little more useful and filling than expired M&M’S.

Seeing an opportunity to build up America’s vend-game, the crew at FOODBEAST hooked up with Nissin for a social media-powered traveling vending machine that gives out free noodles, video games, and other prizes. The vending “Dream Machine” is made up of basically everything college kids are all about — we wouldn’t even be surprised if the Dream Machine started rolling up to classes and earning its own degree. (Yes, we’re implying robots will soon take all of our jobs away, but hey, at least we have noodles!)

The Dream Machine accepts Instagram posts as its currency (smart, because college kids are broke) and vends its prizes immediately. Rudy Chaney, Co-Founder of FOODBEAST, explained that the machine started as a goof, stating, “What started as a joke turned into a project combining web development, machine fabrication, wiring, networking… We’re hoping this machine allows for the democratization of the Instagram influencer experience.”

Well, we don’t know if the Dream Machine is going to achieve all of that, but it does pose as a worthwhile first bit of content for any aspiring influencers out there.


As of now, two Dream Machines are currently vending in the Del Amo Fashion Center in Los Angeles and the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. Using the Dream Machine is easy, simply press the button on the machine to receive a unique hashtag and post a photo on your Instagram while tagging @foodbeast and @originalcupofnoodles. Once you’ve posted, follow the instructions on the screen.