This Travel Photographer Sees The World In An Array Of Vivid Colors

02.07.17 2 years ago
Portrait of Garrett Cornelison

Garrett Cornelison’s Instagram name is also his philosophy in life. He believes — despite everything — that the world is “Really Kind Of Amazing.” And whether he’s traveling to all 50 states taking portraits of people, or finding the beauty in his own backyard, his eyes are open to amazingness all around him.

Cornelison’s photographs are bright, warm, and filled with the vibrant colors. They have a certain magnetic quality that leave you feeling like you too would see beauty everywhere… if only you could just slow down a little.

Last week, Garrett and I spoke about his work and what struck me about him was how genuinely he loves what he does and the people he gets to meet. He’s incredibly easy going, letting the journey guide him to the subjects and places that he captures. We talked about about his start in photography, his wild trip documenting all of the United States, and his feelings of wanting to do more since the election.

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