This Travel Photographer Finds Beauty In The Most Unusual Places

01.04.17 2 years ago

Eilon Paz finds beauty in the most unusual places: vinyl records, guitar pedals, dirt biking. And then he follows his keen eye and passion to take remarkable photos. Because Paz is able to find the extraordinary in everyday life and people.

His photography is quirky, intimate, and genuinely striking. Looking at one of Paz’s portraits makes you feel like you’re sitting down with an old friend. He draws out something unique and undeniably compelling in every image. He’s passionate about his subjects and it shows. They are labors of love; the work of an artist.

We spoke to Paz about his photography this week, gladly soaking up his quiet wisdom. We talked about his life traveling the globe for the sake of an image, risking everything to follow your dreams, and the various oddities and passions that draw his eye.

[All italic captions were written by Paz.]


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