Want To Be Happy? Science Says Strip Your Clothes Off


If you want a happy New Year, research suggests that you should make it a “nude” year. According to a study from the University of London, the key to a happy life starts with removing all of your itchy clothes. They determined that people who partake in nudist or naturalist behaviors tend to lead much happier lives. So, your crazy aunt June, with her trips to nudist camp every summer, doesn’t seem quite as nutty as she used to.

“The naturists have been saying this for some time,” lead Lead researcher Dr Keon West, from Goldsmiths, University of London told the Mirror.

Eight hundred and forty-nine British people were recruited to take part in the study. The participants filled out an online survey and the results showed a common theme: people are just happier when they are naked. Not only do people find joy in lounging around in their birthday suits, but 95% of the people surveyed said that they had been involved in some sort of nudist behavior at some point in their lives.

For one of the studies, the researchers visited a nudist event called “Bare all for the Polar Bears” at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster, UK. The event was a fundraiser in which participants walked around the park naked to raise money for the preservation of polar bears. An odd choice since polar bears, although technically nude, are covered in fur.

The results of the polling showed that the people involved in the event received improved body-image and other positive psychological effects from taking part in the nude walk.

“Naturist activities contain elements that should promote a more positive body image, higher self-esteem and greater life satisfaction; individuals spend time naked in the company of non-intimate others who typically have non-idealized bodies,” the study reads.

Obviously, most people reading this aren’t going to cast their clothes away in favor of the naturalist lifestyle. On top of it not really being accepted by most people, it also seems like it would really cold to walk around without anything on your body to protect you from the elements. Can we at least wear a see-through rain poncho?

Naturism is definitely not a lifestyle accepted by most people people. “Nonetheless, it should not only be interesting to those hoping to academically understand the factors affecting our perceptions of our bodies, but also to public health practitioners who may come to see naturism as a cheap, almost universally available means of promoting healthy body-image, positive self-esteem and overall life satisfaction,” the study reads. “As more people participate in clothing-optional activities, these potential benefits of naturism are worth exploring.”

Overall, it’s obvious that in a world full of turmoil the best option is to disrobe. We won’t feel bad about our mushy bodies when we see that everyone else has a mushy body. Plus, we probably won’t notice all of the negative news going on in the world if we walk around town sans clothes. At the very least, we should Donald Duck it. You know, a shirt but no pants.