Anger Over Girl Scouts Selling Cookies At Dispensaries Shows How Weird Some Still Are About Weed

02.07.18 1 year ago 6 Comments


In a genius move, a young Girl Scout and her dad decided to capitalize off of the location of a cannabis dispensary in San Diego to sell some cookies to people who would, inevitably, be getting the munchies. Alas, our country is still rooted in judgemental puritanism and there was some serious blowback. Even in 2018, when someone says the words “weed,” “cannabis,” or “marijuana,” people lose their minds a little. When coupled with the word “child,” a riot ensues.

Choosing to ignore the fact that this is an ingenious marketing move, the little girl and her father did not break any Girl Scouts rules to sell her cookies, and the little girl will probably get a dope badge for this 100% legal strategy. Alas, people are, instead, hating on her old man in the comments of the Urban Leaf dispensary’s Instagram post endorsing the Scout’s cookie sales. As if he put her in some kind of danger. As if marijuana makes people aggressive instead of just very chill and hungry.
As if scouts don’t already hawk their wares in front of grocery stores, where alcohol is sold.

On Twitter, people are debating whether the girl is a genius, the dad is unfit, or the Girl Scouts should look into punishing her/her dad.

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