Exploring America’s Top Ten Rated Cities For Happy Hour

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Ah, happy hour. That time of day between the slow grind of work and the sweet release of dinner, night, TV, sleep, and whatever else may come along. A great happy hour is a simple yet concise affair: discounted booze and fast and cheap food, preferably delicious. If those two components are in place, people will come and create the atmosphere.

But which city’s denizens really get down with a great happy hour? Well, over at Redfin they decided to take on the unenviable and mammoth task of sorting through the four million happy hour hashtags on Instagram over the last seven years to find out where we’re happy-hour-ing most. Across the world, the US came number one, with Hong Kong close behind and Singapore, Italy, and Australia rounding out the top five respectively.

On closer inspection, Redfin looked at which US states and then cities dominate the happy hour game around the country. We thought it’d be fun to look at the top ten US cities where we’re hashtagging our happy hours by volume. So, let’s jump in a see which US cities happy hour the best, according the hashtags.

10. Seattle, WA

Seattle breaks into the top ten with their great array of cheap dives, bespoke cocktails, and a deep bench of micro beers. Plus, there’s plenty of seafood around to make perfect bar snacks for all your happy hour needs. Raw oysters, smoked salmon, and popcorn shrimp anyone?

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9. Los Angeles, CA

Shockingly Los Angeles is ranked ninth overall. Come on, LA! We expected more of your bar-hopping hashtagging prowess. Either way, LA’s happy hour scene is full of innovative bars, comfort food, and a motley smattering of every type of bar you could ever want from ritzy hotel rooftops to down-and-dirty dives in strip malls.

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