Why Is Jeff Goldblum Just Casually Running A Food Truck Now?

Getty Images/Shutterstock

Sometimes it feels like the world is a terrible, dark place. With protests in the US, turmoil in Syria, fear of the nuclear capabilities of North Korea, and (especially) Nordstrom’s faux-muddy jeans, it seems like there’s more bad news than good. But, just when it appears that all is lost, the world is given a slight glimmer of hope. Today’s wonderful, fuzzy feeling come from the land down under and actor Jeff Goldblum, of all people.

Yes, that Jeff Goldblum. The 64-year-old actor known for countless movies, including The Fly, Independence Day, and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou wash spotted handing out free sausages from a food truck in Sydney on Wednesday afternoon. Are you as confused as we are? Why was one of the most famous actors in Hollywood working on a food truck in Australia? Is acting just not as lucrative as we thought?

Well, the story gets even better: It wasn’t like Dr. Ian Malcolm just commandeered a local hot dog cart (although that would make for a pretty great story). Instead, the actor’s food truck was named after him. Its full title was “Chef Goldblum’s Jazzy Snags” and the proud Goldblum stood behind the counter handing out sandwiches, only stopping to pose for photos with fans.

Don’t believe us? Instagrammers were there to document the whole event.

Nobody knows why Goldblum spent the day giving away food, but, according to Mashable, he’s in Australia filming a movie, which might have something to do with this new job in the food service industry. Although, even when fans pressed the actor as to why he was in Sydney, he answered as cryptically as possible.

“I’ve gotta do some work,” he said, according to The Daily Telegraph. “I was doing the Thor movie on the Gold Coast some time ago but now I’m doing a project that I have to be secretive about but there is some thematic tie-in to this,” added the actor. “I like food, I’m very interested in food, but you’ll have to wait”.

In case you’re wondering, this stunt apparently had nothing to do with the fact that the actor just announced that he signed on to act opposite Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the Jurassic World sequel. Although, that is pretty awesome news, too.