Harbour Island Might Just Be The Best Place On Earth To Lose Your Phone

04.30.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Here at Uproxx, we want you to move. We want you to get plane tickets, to go to new restaurants, to meet new people. To move. If you’re sitting at your desk or reading this on your phone in between classes that means there’s hope. You’ve heard the call. You want to try something. With summer right around the corner and sunny weather on the horizon, you’re itching for something…different.

We’ve taken you on visual tours before. You’ve explored pink sand beaches and pristine islands as an armchair traveler. That’s not a bad thing, but we haven’t succeeded unless you decide to plan a trip of your own. We want you to see this stuff first hand. So this time, That’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re taking you to Harbour Island through the eyes of two photographers — myself (Parker Hilton) and my girlfriend, Jenelle Kappe. Harbour Island isn’t an easy place to get to. At minimum it’s two flights and a boat ride. But once you’re there. You’re there. You have fruit, conch salad from Queen Conch and cheap, cheap rum. As the great songstress Angie Martinez once said, “No concrete just sand, throw away your shoes!”

One can only hope, these images are enough for that last little push to get you out the door:


However you get to your connecting flight, you’ll end up on a flight like this to Eleuthera:

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