I Survived The ‘Pasta From Hell’ And Other Insanely Spicy Dishes At ‘Hell Night’

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When the Boston Globe reported that East Coast Grill would be closing out its storied run in Cambridge with one final “Hell Night,” my fellow Bostonian and Uproxx colleague Dan Seitz quickly snagged a reservation. Since he didn’t particularly feel like suffering the heat of a thousand suns alone, he decided to ping me about it. Eating and writing as a duo, he argued, would be easier because if there’s anything guaranteed to appease an individual’s suffering, it’s the knowledge that someone else is suffering too.

{And laughing at them…and doing less of the writing. — Dan}

To push the idea forward, Dan and I pulled the editor of Uproxx Life, Steve Bramucci, into a brainstorm on Slack:

DAN: Hey, guys, I lucked out and got a reservation for Boston’s last Hell Night on January 21st. Husband, wanna be my spicy food date?  Steve, want a write up?

ANDREW: I am horrified and frightened by this. Steve, I don’t think —


ANDREW: Oh god dammit.

Yes, this was actually going to happen, and yes, I was terrified (but also game). It got worse when Dan found an older copy of the Hell Night menu and sent it to me. You know, because of “journalism.”

A little background:

East Coast Grill quickly developed a reputation as a literal hot spot soon after Chris Schlesinger opened the Cambridge joint in 1985. The staff soon noticed the customers were demanding spicier and spicier options from the kitchen, and they felt inspired to up the stakes.