The World’s Biggest Game Of Hide And Seek Is Calling You To Belize

Admittedly, it’s been a few years since we’ve had the pleasure of playing hide and seek. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fantasize about how much fun it would be to join a game anytime we’re in a new locale or studying up on future travel destinations. Adventuring, spelunking, SCUBA diving, trekking through jungles — sign us up!

The Belize Tourism Board gets the love for this thrilling pastime, so they’ve set out to combine all the fun of hide and seek with the horizon-expanding benefits of travel — by putting a nationwide game. Come on, don’t tell us you don’t see pictures of remote island caves or dense tropical rainforests and instantly start thinking about what sweet hiding spots they might hold.

Four hiders — spread throughout the caves, jungles, resorts, and picturesque coastlines of Belize — will have just one week to evade a single seeker, who along with an informative and clue-bearing guide, will explore Mayan ruins, historic colonial cities, coral reefs, and much more across the stunning and diverse ecosystem of Belize. If the seeker catches all four hiders, they win.

If you think of yourself as prime hider or seeker material or just love seeing the world in new and fun ways (for free), send an email to explaining why you’re the ideal candidate with the subject line reading ‘Hider’ or ‘Seeker’ depending on your preference. Keep in mind only five participants will be chosen, so odds of landing a spot as a hider are slightly higher!

Applications are being accepted now with a deadline of October 8th at 11:59 C.T. The game takes place between November 12th and the 18th so clear up those calendars! To read up on the rules and get deeper into the details check out The Belize Tourism Board’s website.

And now for some pictures of Belize if you’re still on the fence about this one.