Top Chef’s Richard Blais Wants To Teach You How To Brine Your Turkey

Morton Salt/iStockphoto

Roasting a turkey can be a very hit and miss cooking endeavor. There’s a lot of nuance at play when cooking a whole bird of that size. Dark meat and white meat need to reach different temperatures in order to be fully cooked but not dry — leading to endless disappointments on Thanksgiving Day. Most chefs agree that there’s one way to increase your margin for error and get a good, even outcome. Brine that turkey.

To master the art of the brine, we reached out to Top Chef champion (and fried chicken aficionado) Richard Blais. Since winning Top Chef All-Stars back in 2010, the star chef has shown up as a recurring guest judge on the show. He’s also opened two restaurants in San Diego (Juniper & Ivy and The Crack Shack) along wth a Crack Shack outpost in LA. So who better to teach us some serious poultry skills?

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