Here Is How To Get Free Wendy’s Cheeseburgers All September Long


Whatever it is you’re doing , you should only continue if it won’t be affected by knowing that Wendy’s is giving away free food. If you thought all the Wendy’s Twitter account was only good for was weird branded mixtapes and sassy corporate-sponsored clap-backs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that they announced Saturday that for the entire month of September you can get a free Dave’s Single Cheeseburger if you purchase literally anything through the Wendy’s app. So if you’re a vanlife couple in need of a quick, cheap, and delicious bite, just roll your home straight through a drive-thru while your co-pilot readies the app. An obvious pairing pick: sea salt small fries.

Keep in mind that the Dave’s Single is clearly one of the best fast food cheeseburgers money can buy, at least nationally.

Given the value here, we’d have to say this is well worth going through the trouble of downloading the app. Wendy’s, like other fast food juggernauts of late, are attempting to increase app-based sales and if they want to keep throwing free food at us, well who are we to stop them? As a person who never checks the mail, and some days downright fears what is in the mailbox (We have raccoons everywhere, and they’re smart) I welcome this much-needed update on the junk mail coupon, even though it feels excessive to have a folder on my phone of fast-food apps.

Soon, we’ll all be the digital equivalent of the crazy coupon carrying grandma. But if it gets us free food, so be it.