The Polar Vortex Is Turning Europe Into A Winter Wonderland And Instagram Has The Photos To Prove It


We’re not calling it climate change, because we’re in no mood to fight right now. But weather is weird and seems to be getting weirder. Cities that rarely see snow, have never seen as much snow as they have this winter, and even cities that have never seen winter are bundling up and staying inside to avoid freezing weather. Just think — there will be a whole generation of people who think it snows about three times a year in Texas. Insane.

Most recently, Europe is being hit by extreme snowy conditions as the “polar vortex” — the insulating body which keeps cold temperatures within the high latitudes — continues to collapse. In fact, temperatures in Europe have been colder than the Arctic the past few days, and if the polar vortex continues to split and cold air is pushed south, the snow isn’t going to let up any time soon.

Despite how ominous the collapse of such an important environmental barrier sounds and its potential to disrupt the lives of humans and animals alike, some European Instagrammers have found the beauty in a bleak situation by documenting how gorgeous the cold weather is making European cities look.

Countries that are already beautiful somehow have become even more beautiful. As if our wanderlust wasn’t already on 100, the snowy Instagram snaps have us ready to jump on an airplane and head for a tour of Italy, Norway, and other European countries that have turned into winter wonderlands.

While European countries retain their beauty through their historical architecture and buildings in the cities, Mother Nature has been showing off in the wild spaces, too.

It looks like the Europeans are also having a great time playing in the snow and taking photos in the extra cold conditions.

The polar vortex splitting isn’t ideal, but it’s very real, and Instagrammers are making the best out of it. After all, life isn’t about waiting for the weather to pass, it’s about having fun mid-storm.

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