This Japanese Baker Is Turning Loaves Of Bread Into Works Of Art

06.23.16 3 years ago

When you slice into a loaf of bread, you don’t necessarily expect all that much. It’s just bread after all. Not really all that healthy and, unless it’s of the rainbow variety, there’s not a whole lot to be expected. At least, that was the mentality before Tokyo-based baker Konel Bread stepped in with adorable illustrations that are embedded directly into the loaves. Hiding beneath the typical brown exterior, you’d never realize that there are images of fruit, cartoons, or intricate designs just waiting for you to slice into.

Konel Bread doesn’t even seem like a half-baked food trend. The baker uses natural colors to create these surprising designs. Cocoa, beetroot, and spinach can all be incorporated to tweak the colors of their creations. To form the illustrations, she employs an approach similar to making deco-sushi: long, rounded pieces of dough are positioned within larger chunks that form the outer loaf. This relatively simple method yields awesome results. Your morning-toast ritual just got a little more exciting.

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