Actress Kearran Giovanni Shares Her Favorite Places To Eat, Drink, And Play In New York City

11.29.17 2 years ago

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Welcome to MEET THIS CITY, your chance to explore our favorite cities in the world through the eyes of a celebrity, star chef, creative maverick, or pro athlete.

This week we’re headed to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, New York City. The city where aspiring actors and artists go to in hopes of making their dreams come true. NY has certainly lived up to Alicia Keys’ lyrics and helped creatives launch their careers, becoming home to many along the way. For TNT’s Major Crimes star Kearran Giovanni, NY became her home and now she’s taking a trip down memory lane to share all of her favorite places to go in the Big Apple.

For those who don’t know, in addition to starring in Major Crimes, Kearran Giovanni has starred on Broadway, One Life to Live, and alongside Kiefer Sutherland in ABC’s hit show Designated Survivor. When the cameras aren’t rolling, Giovanni’s passion is philanthropy — including The Special Olympics, The Lupus Foundation and The Sunshine Foundation which was founded by her Major Crimes co-star G.W. Bailey. From performing in nine Broadway shows, Giovanni knows New York like the back of her hand and shares places you’ll surely want to visit.

Let’s get to it!

Go Walking

Honestly if you just want to be a New Yorker — which my favorite thing about when I visit cities is I don’t want to be touristy, I want to feel like I live there — I think it’s all about walking Hudson and stopping in every little restaurant and walking the High Line because you can see so much of the city and have great food that’s around.

You know you can shop, you can chat with people, you can see the Statue of Liberty. It’s kind of like you get a view of the city and also you get to just hop into really cute little places.

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